I Dreamed A Dream(夢中之夢 蘇珊大嬸成名曲)I Dreamed A DreamThere was a time when men were kind曾有一度人們是良善的When their voices were soft那時他們的聲調溫柔And their words inviting字語室內裝潢動人There was a time when love was blind曾有一度愛情是盲目的And the world was a song and the song was exciting世界就像一支動人的旋律There was a time那是過往的時光了啊Then it all went wrong設計裝潢後來一切都變了 I dreamed a dream in time gone by我夢見在夢境中過往的時光When hope was high抱持著崇高的盼望 And life worth living生活充滿了生命力 I dreamed that love would never die我夢見愛系統傢俱永不止息I dreamed that God would be forgiving我夢見了上帝的寬容Then I was young and unafraid那時我年輕無懼And dreams were made and used and wasted夢想被打造也被消磨There was no ransom to 景觀設計be paid無原由的揮豁殆盡No song unsung, no wine untasted未唱的歌,未嚐的美酒啊But the tigers come at night而老虎(此只危機)總是在夜晚出沒With their voices soft as thunder牠們的低吼猶如暗雷低迴建築設計As they tear your hope apart好像在哀悼你的希望被摧毀And they turn your dream to shame並扭曲使你的夢想蒙羞He slept a summer by my side他整個夏天在我身旁安睡He filled my days with endless 情趣用品wonder他使我的每日充滿無比驚奇He took my childhood in his stride他關照我的童年進展 But he was gone when autumn came但當秋天來時他卻離開了我And still I dream he'll come to me直至如今,我借貸仍夢想著他將要回到我身旁That we will live the years together夢想著我們可以一起度過美好時光But there are dreams that cannot be但這些夢想不會成真了And there are storms we cannot weather我們也澎湖民宿經不起這些狂風暴雨 I had a dream my life would be我的夢想曾經即將實現So different from this hell I'm living與我悲慘境遇大異其趣 So different now from what it seemed相形現在是這麼的不同 票貼Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.現在的生活扼殺了我做的夢 悲傷的歌曲

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